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2018 Brown DVD Map Update V3

Part number Acura 2018 Brown V3


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Product information

Note: Please double-check that your model and model year matches the compatibility shown below. Otherwise you will receive an incorrect product that could damage your system.  

Attention:   You should only order this map update version if your Database Version has an 'X' at the end of it

Hit the road with the latest navigation information at your fingertips. With the new Acura DVD Map Update, your direction will be guided by a system that promises optimal performance and identifies new highways, subdivisions, businesses, and points of interest.
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Your navigation system Device ID, Database Version Number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are needed in order to purchase this map update. These inputs are unique to you.  Do not use a Database version from a previous purchase.   If you enter incorrect data you will receive the wrong product.

You will be able to locate the numbers from a single location. Please follow the steps outlined below:
1. Turn on ignition and allow navigation system to complete the start-up sequence
2. Press the SETTINGS button
3. Select SYSTEM SETTINGS on the navigation screen
4. Select OTHER on the navigation screen
5. Select SYSTEM/DEVICE INFORMATION on the navigation screen
You will see a screen with your Database, Device ID and VIN.   Take a picture of this screen and/or write down the info exactly as it appears

You will input some of this info in the next page once you add the product to 'Cart'
Please note as you enter the information:
Database:   Enter periods.  Case-Sensitive.   Always begins with 'ST.'  Some have an 'X' at the end
Device number:  At least 11 digits.  Not case-sensitive
VIN:  17 digits.   Not Case-Sensitive  
  - Your VIN # can also be found a) at the base of your vehicle's windshield;  b) on your vehicle's registration; c) on the email/letter you received about your map update

(There is no letter 'O' - 0 will always be a number)

In the box
1 Software Update DVD
1 Map Update DVD

50 United States (including Alaska & Hawaii)
Puerto Rico



Compatible with the following vehicles:

Acura MDX 2016 - 2017

These MY's if they have an 'X' at end of DB Version:

Acura ILX 2016 - 2017
Acura RDX 2016 - 2017
Acura TLX 2016 - 2017